About Me


I’m glad you made it to my blog.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, I believe we’ve been given the ministry to reconcile others by making disciples.

We have all been empowered to start in our own little sphere of influence anywhere we are.

My objective with this blog is to share the knowledge and experience of Christ with my fellow believers/disciples and non-believers alike.

For the past 15 years when I got to know this way, It’s been a wonderful journey knowing how God wants us to be fully conformed to the image of His firstborn Son.

He started this with His plan of salvation, which qualifies us to share in His life and partake of His righteous kingdom. While giving us the gift of righteousness to establish His kingdom on earth.

Our walk and experience with Him give us the privilege to be coworkers with Him in building His church and kingdom.

If you’re of this same view, I implore you to join me on this ride of daily transformation and experience of the Holy Spirit.

Yours Beloved,

Gbenga Abayomi